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Remember the days when "Dance" was an "experimental" activity for Pop
Warner, conductly formally in New Jersey alone? Well, forget about all
that now! Pop Warner Dance has hit "Prime Time" on the Pop Warner
Super Bowl Week schedule and last night's competition proved it without
a doubt.

Talk about a SHOW! With squads from Hawaii and the San Francisco Bay
area, to New England, the Mid-Atlantic and the Southeast Coast
strutting their stuff, a jam packed crowd at The Milk House was treated
to some of the most creative, unusual and athletic routines ever seen
at Pop Warner. And "costuming?" Wow! From "Junior's Diner" 1950s
waitress outfits, to hot pink twister pant suits and matching twirler
flags, to cute blue-on-starched white sailor suits and sharp cabaret
outfits right out of a "Busby Berkeley" musical , this year' s "Night
of Dance" was an evening to enjoy, and savor, by Pop Warner families
and supporters for years to come.

Top honors tonight went to the following:

Jr. Pee Wee Dance:

1) Monmouth Falcons (National Champs) Score - 78.92
2) Cape Youth Mini Twisters ( Runners- Up) Score - 77.28
3) Brick Dragons ( 3rd Place ) Score - 77.18
4) San Francisco PAL Seahawks (4th Place) Score- 76.22
5) Southfield Lathrup Falcons ( 5th Place) Score- 73.00

Pee Wee Dance:

1) Cape Youth Lil Twisters (National Champs) Score - 88.80
2) San Francisco PAL Seahawks (Runners Up) Score- 86.50
3) Leroy Butler Dragons (3rd Place) Score - 83.46
4) Monmouth Falcons (4th Place) Score- 80.48
5) Brick Dragons ( 5th Place) Score 74.78

Jr. Midget Dance:

1) Cape Youth Junior Twisters ( National Champs ) Score- 86.72
2) Riverdale Wildcats (Runners - Up) Score - 83.46
3) Holy Family Eagles (3rd Place) Score - 80.02
4) San Francisco PAL Seahawks (4th Place) Score - 78.72
5) New Egypt Warriors (5th Place) Score - 78.40

Midget Dance:

1) San Francisco PAL Seahawks (National Champs) Score- 94.48
2) Monmouth Falcons (Runners-Up) Score- 89.66
3) Southern Rams ( 3rd Place) Score - 85.56
4) San Francisco Brown Bombers (4th Place) Score- 84.88
5) Southfield Lathrup Falcons (5th Place) Score- 81.98

Breaking it down a little, big-time kudos to the dance squads from the
San Francisco Bay area! The dancers and their coaches from sunny
Northern California are starting to make huge waves at Pop Warner
Nationals. With their highly creative , totally awesome athletic moves,
and all out energy, the Bay Area dance squads will be tough to beat for
a long, long time!

And kudos as well to the Cape Youth Twister Dancers. This year, they
captured two national championships and a runners-up award. We asked
Twister's Junior Midget Coach Pam Santora the secret to their success.
" Choreography! " she told us. "Kelly Wilson, who's been in Pop Warner
now for 17 years, choreographs the routines for each of our squads. We
coaches all get together at the beginning of the year, tell her what
our themes are going to be, and a little bit about each member of our
squads, and she goes off, works it all together and comes up with some
absolutely amazing routines. We're so confident in Kelly's ability,
that we've already picked out next year's theme. "

That's what it's all about in Pop Warner Dance - creativity,
athleticism , teamwork, and confidence. Hats off to each of the Dance
squads who competed and performed at Super Bowl Week - 2005. We look
forward to more great contributions by all of you at Super Bowl -

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