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2012 Pop Warner Sportsmanship Awards

The Pop Warner Super Bowl and National Cheer & Dance Championship is not all about winning games. Sportsmanship is a major part of the week-long event.

Each year, Pop Warner honors a team in each division that displays the highest level of sportsmanship throughout the event. This year's recipients were once again presented by Brax Spirit Cups.

2012 Football Recipients:

Jr Pee Wee:
Division I: Wainae Tigers, HI (Wecon Region)
Division II: Bedford Jr. Bulldogs, N.H. (New England Region)

Pee Wee:
Division I: Holy Cross Knights, TX (Southwest Region)
Division II: Loveland Titans, CO (Southwest Region)

Junior Midget:
Division I: Dorchester Eagles, MA (New England Region)
Division II: Coastal Cowboys, NC (Mid-South Region)

Division I: Canyon Hills Lancers, CA (Wescon Region)
Division II: West Lynn Rams, MA (New England Region)

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