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DII Pee Wee Championship: Creeks Outlaws Run Away with DII Pee Wee National Title
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by Lyndsey Diggs, Pop Warner - December 13, 2013
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The Creeks Outlaws from Florida have been crowned 2013 Division I Super Bowl champions in the Pee Wee age division! But they wouldn't have gotten to that point without a heavily explosive running game and a tight offense. So keep reading for a game analysis of the plays and lead ups to the Creeks Outlaws winning this year's Super Bowl.

Let the game begin! Here we are starting the first quarter!The kick is up. Kick return starting from the Warriors own 35. The game is officially underway here at ESPN's Wide World of Sports. From the very beginning the Warriors try to utilize an explosive running game, but face a great deal of adversity at the hands of the tough outlaw defense.

On their first few drives, the Warriors managed to string together a few yards at a time to continue trudging toward the end zone and get first downs. The Outlaw defense definitely making it extremely tough for them to get big yardage plays. First throw of the game on 3rd down and 7…Incomplete, close to being intercepted. It's now time for the punt. The Warriors punt is returned to the Warrior 49 yard line! Creeks Outlaws also trying to exhibit a running game but having some difficulties of their own…on 4th down, they go for it, and convert, however a flag is thrown…of course!

Pass interference on the offense was the call! Fans are outraged, dismayed and confused by the call. This now makes the play a fourth and long for the Creeks Outlaws who then decide to punt the ball. At this point in time, running game on both sides is creating some difficulties, and the throwing game is coming with it's own set of problems as well. These teams are trying to do some fine-tuning as the game goes along.

Outlaws now looking to do some damage from midfield with 1st and 10. Another flag has been thrown. Illegal shift on the offense! 2 flags in 8 minutes….I guess it could be worse. On 3rd and 9, there's a change up in play calling on behalf of the Creeks Outlaws, with a pass to the outside, which was incomplete, bringing up 4th and 9.

Fantastic punt on the part of the Creeks Outlaws marking it at the Warriors 11-yard line! Another flag: dead ball, false start on the offense! 1st and 15 with the ball on the 6-yard line! Running plays are absolutely dominating every angle of this game, but bringing no team any quantifiable success up to this point, as we end the first quarter scoreless.

Starting the second quarter with a little bit more integration of the passing game, which is refreshing to see, however, none of the passes have been completed, leaving some to be desired on both sides of the ball. Punt is up, giving the Creeks Outlaws the ball on the Warriors 15-yard line! This ought to be interesting! Touchdown Creeks Outlaws, executed of course on a running play! The kick for the extra point is up and good! Giving us a score of 8-0 with 6:51 remaining in the half!

Looking forward to these last nearly seven minutes of play in the half! It's certain to be a crowd pleaser from what I've seen so far. Just a little bit more polishing on running game execution and we'll have a chance for some explosions of scoring from both teams; that's a breakthrough I am definitely looking forward to seeing, if not in the remainder of this half, most definitely in the next half!

Pass complete for the Warriors! Woohoo. But of course a flag is thrown! Illegal motion on the Warriors was the call made making it 2nd and 18! Flag is thrown again….pass interference on the Creeks outlaws, causing a replay of the second down, making it 2nd and 3 with the ball on the 43-yard line! Next play, the Warriors with a loss of 4! Warriors punt, but as to be expected there is a flag on the play….illegal block was the call made! Penalties are undoubtedly impacting and dominating this game more so than desired and even more so than necessary I would say!

As the game would predict another yellow flag has been tossed, this time for false start on the Creeks Outlaws as they were preparing to punt the ball. The punt is kicked right into the mass of football players and sets the Warriors up for a 1st and goal on the 9-yard line! Warriors couldn't capitalize on that golden opportunity, and have a bad handoff that ends up in a fumble and a change of possession on fourth down. The Creeks Outlaws have both the momentum and the lead as we go into halftime, and prepare for the second half of play.

The second half is underway with the Outlaws choosing to receive and have the ball at their own 40. Explosive running play with a 60-yard touchdown run to open up the half! Now that's a way to come out swinging! The kick for the extra point is good. That drive took only 17 ticks off the clock. Now that was just a phenomenal display of running ability. The score is now 16-0 in favor of the Creeks Outlaws!

Now looking for the Warriors to respond. With the Warriors having possession of the ball from their own 24, let's see what happens. They are a team trying to be successful by stringing together small running plays for gains, which is not providing them much success against this Outlaws teams. On a 3rd and 10 play, the Warriors QB attempts a pass which is knocked away by an Outlaws player!

As this third quarter continues we see the Outlaws looking to try to capitalize on both their running and passing offense. Still relying heavily on their run game, the Creeks Outlaws are just out muscling the Warriors, plain and simple. Deciding to change it up a bit, the Creeks throw for a completed pass, and fall just short of getting a first down with 3rd and 3 from the 18-yard line…Can they convert?

Fumble on the next play, but the Creeks recover it, however brings up 4th and 10 and backs them up to the 25-yard line…that was extremely uncharacteristic of that team. Turnover on downs makes it Warrior football from the 26 yard line…let's see if they can get a momentum shift to finally go there way! Still struggling with finding gaps in the Creeks offense, the Warriors are continuing to pursue their run game in an effort to score.

Let's see if they prevail in their epic pursuit. Minimal yardage gains are killing the offensive strategy of the Hawaiian Gardens Warriors. Only executing the pass game on third down conversions is proving to be extremely unproductive for this Warrior offense. They'll need to make some changes and soon to be able to put some points up on the board and transform that goose egg into something a little bit more pleasing to the eye and the ego. Outlaws now have it near midfield, and find ways to get around the Warrior defense. But on this run in particular nothing too fancy as they have trouble stringing together yards for big gains as we've seen in earlier parts of the game, as they go 3 and out.

As we start the fourth and final quarter we are getting closer and closer to naming a Pop Warner SuperBowl champion. 10:00 minutes away from the thrill of victory for one team and the agony of defeat for another.18-yard touchdown run for Chase Ruskin….boy has that kid been explosive for the Outlaws today! They go up 24-0 with 5:48 remaining in the fourth and final quarter of this championship game! Warriors have just had a tough day out here today, not being able to convert yardage into touchdowns and that definitely hurt them against this offensively threatening Creeks Outlaws team. This quarter did provide some twits and turns though as there were multiple injuries on the field that resulted in players being escorted off the field. One thing you can say about the Creeks Outlaws is that they go for the risks. They have another turnover on downs, but weren't scared to risk it all to try to reap the benefits and rewards of that.

Out of the gate on this possession, the Warriors go for a passing play instead of a running play but can't get the desired result. Two attempts and two incompletions, putting them at another disadvantage, 3rd down and 10. But on the third pass a completion! Third time truly is a charm, and gives the warriors a chance to try and go for it on 4th and 3. Another pass play to give the Warriors a FIRST DOWN! The Hawaiian Gardens Warriors definitely changing things up in the last two minutes, utilizing their passing game and getting a handful of first downs to continue moving the ball toward the end zone! Makes you wonder had they tried this strategy earlier in the game, would it have worked to their advantage and could this have possibly been a closer and more competitive matchup? Maybe not with the Warriors throwing an interception on their last possession of the game. But, hey that's something we'll never know.

But I would definitely like to say congratulations to both teams! And extend special congratulations to the Creeks Outlaws who will be crowned 2013 Pop Warner Super Bowl Division II Champions in the Pee Wee age division with a final score of 24-0. It's been a great ride and looking forward to seeing what these teams do in future contests. Once again congratulations, and good luck in future endeavors!

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