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"Welcome to Cheer Chatter"

by Pop Warner Spirit Promotions Team
For this year's event,we will give highlights of the days competition, warm your heart with human interest stories from across the country, and give you a performers perspective of the National Experience.  Check back often for frequent updates every day!
Friday Jr. Reporter: Ayanna Smith

Pop Warner Spirit Promotions Team - Friday, December 11
Ayanna Smith is from Wilmington North Carolina, and is a member of the Wilmington Coastal Panthers Midget Cheerleading Team. She loves to cheer and to talk about cheer, which makes her a perfect Jr. Reporter! She has been a Pop Warner Athlete for the past 7 years. This is her second time competing at the National Championships and her final year with Pop Warner. Way to go Ayanna! Good Luck!

These two fantastic teams, Jr Pee Wee and Pee Wee, live in Schererville Indiana. The girls had great attitude and were happy to be there. The Raiderettes fundraiser for Disney was selling cookie dough, popcorn, and flowers. This is their fifth time coming to Disney and hope to leave with a trophy.

The Rams practice jazz, dance, and other different types of dances. Today they performed a dance that has a Christmas theme; their outfits were fantastic and beautiful. In Disney, the Rams enjoy the rides, the trophies and the completion.  This is some people’s first and other second time coming to Disney. The Rochester Rams came all the way from New York to come back home with a trophy.

The Panthers are a Midget PW2 cheerleading team. The panthers fundraised with bake sells, raffle tickets and wrapping presents at the mall. This is their second time coming to this Disney but this year they hope to take the gold. The theme for their team is ohana which means family. The panther cheerleaders say that the best thing that happened to them at Disney is coming together as a team and supporting the ohana love! 

The Patriots came all the way from Naperville, IL to dance in front of Mickey Mouse, their favorite character. Today the patriots had an outstanding performance, their theme was the Wiz. The girls said that their favorite part of the performance was the crowd’s loudness and their enthusiasm. The Patriots were the National Champions in 2014 and have returned to take the gold. They also were given the first Disney Team Award from Disney.
Super Leigha Inspires Awesome Performance

Pop Warner Spirit Promotions Team - Friday, December 11
The Attleboro White Hawks are the result of two different associations merging into one. Head Coach Andrea DelPozzo learned so much from her young team of girls brought together for the first time. “Watching them pull together as one and overcome challenges, but they also pulled together to support one of their own.” The White Hawks have their very own Super Hero.

Twelve year old Leigha Hedtler has been cheering for six years.  In December of 2014, Leigha’s mom, Coleen, noticed a spot on Leigha’s head.  The doctor thought it was benign and said that removal could wait until after Leigha was done with cheerleading for the season and the holidays. 

On January 2, 2015 the spot was removed and on January 16th, Leigha’s mom got the phone call that her daughter had Melanoma.  At that time the doctors went in and had taken one lymph node that tested positive. 

A second surgery to remove 57 lymph nodes, all came back negative.  Leigha started Interferon treatments.  But at the three month scan, it showed that Leigha now had stage 4 Melanoma as it had spread to her liver, bone and face.  On May 18, the doctors started a new treatment on Leigha.  It is an immunotherapy treatment and Leigh is the first child to be trialed on this treatment.  She goes every two weeks for a day of treatment. 

“She had so much determination and courage and strength.  She began a different treatment that has never been used on kids and in August she was right there with her team at practice” says coach Andrea.  Even though at times the treatment causes fatigue, back pain, headaches and fever, Leigha hasn’t missed a practice.  The team and the community have been so supportive.  Many of the girls participated in Relay for Life and did “Laps for Leigha”. 

The White Hawks took first place at their local competition and the New England Regional, earning their trip to the National Event.  “To say I am proud of Super Leigha and our amazing girls are an understatement.  Leigha is right where she belongs…on the cheer mats.  God has blessed me to be a part of something bigger than anything.  I was able to witness firsthand unity, strength and passion and to see a community come together in more ways than one.  I am so proud to be an Attleboro White Hawk” says Coach Andrea.

Leigha seems to be responding to the treatment at this time. And the White Hawks had an awesome performance today! Good luck Leigha!! Your Pop Warner family is cheering for you!
Wednesday Jr. Reporter: Kayla Calvert

Pop Warner Spirit Promotions Team - Wednesday, December 9
It was a pleasure working with Kayla today doing interviews with the teams. This will be her last year with Pop Warner as a cheerleader. Her team competes tomorrow and she is very excited. The teams she interviewed really interacted well with the girls.

The Roselle Rams were asked a few questions before their competition on Wednesday. This is there first year cheering at ESPN World Wide Sports in Disney. Their favorite part of Disney so far is the parks, and of course hanging out with their teammates. Space Mountain, Tower Terror, and Mount Everest are their favorite rides.

Out of all the Disney characters, they get excited and have to get a picture with Minnie Mouse and Donald Duck! To celebrate their win, they will go out to eat and PARTY! But, even if they don’t win they will still celebrate. Because they may not have won a trophy doesn’t mean they aren’t winners. They worked hard and they have the victory!

This is the Poway Raiders first year competing at the ESPN World Wide Sports. After they performed they were asked a few questions. They flew in from California, and love their Disney experience. Splash Mountain and Space Mountain are their favorite rides, which are located in their favorite park, Magic Kingdom. They love all the Disney characters, but Stitch, Mickey, and Daisy Duck are their favorite. Before they rocked the mat, they felt nervous but confident. They’re level two, and can do backhand springs, and front walkovers. Did they nail all the stunts and tumbling? YES! They spirited the entire time and blew the judges away with their facial expressions. They will be coming back next year for another round of competition and Disney World, where dreams come true!

The East Bay Warriors was an outgoing team! They excitingly answered some questions after practice on Wednesday. As a team this is their first year cheering at the ESPN World Wide Sports. Their excited about the Pop Warner Party held at their favorite park, Hollywood Studios. Favorite rides include Rock & Roll Rolla coaster and Mount Everest. For most teammates it’s their last year cheering for Pop Warner, so of course they’ll go out with a bang! Tumbling and meeting new people is their favorite part of being a cheerleader.

Out of everything they do on that mat, from dropping a stunt or messing up a tumble route they believe the most important thing is spiriting. Smiling out on the mat is the most important thing cheerleader can do, it can give you points and makes you’re route look even better! After winning they’ll “get turnt” and celebrate with their team!  This team has been thru a lot in the last couple months.  Their Coordinator Sharon passed away a few months ago which hurt the team really bad because she was their coordinator for many years.  Then Coach Nicole receives a phone call as she is leaving from Florida that her dad just passed away. 

I must say that this team has been thru a lot and I wish them well.
Tuesday Jr. Reporter: Cierra Sims

Pop Warner Spirit Promotions Team - Tuesday, December 8
It was a pleasure working with Cierra today doing interviews with the team. She has been a part of Pop Warner Cheer since the age of 8. Her teams have made it to National Competition 3 times and she really enjoyed herself. Cierra no longer cheerleader, she is now a Demo Coach and very excited to still be a part of cheerleading.

The Burlington Patriots are here at Nationals for the first time. They compete tomorrow in the Jr. Pee Wee large level 2 division. In order to get to Nationals in Disney, they fundraised by canning and getting sponsors. As a team, their favorite part of the routine is their pyramid.

They love the experience of just being here in Nationals as a team. What makes the Patriots stand out from the rest of them is that they work together as a team and they all together are unique. Before they step on the mat, the team passes a squeeze which is holding hands and together they make a wish.

For the Ocoee Bulldogs, it wasn’t a far trip for them. Orlando from Ocoee is only thirty minutes away. The Bulldogs are competing today in the Jr. Pee Wee large level 1 division. They received 1st place in their regionals competition. It is their first being here at Nationals. Their favorite part of competing is performing for the audience and of course winning. Their favorite part of their routine is their dance. As the Ocoee Bulldogs, they love each other, work together and have positive attitudes. They are unique because they are all about being a team and having the spirit.

It took a seven hour plane ride for the Salinas Cardinals to arrive at Nationals. They are from Salinas, California and for them it is the first time at Nationals and being a competitive team. They competed today in the Jr. Pee wee small level 1 division. Before they hit the mat, the team prays together. Stunting is their favorite part of their routine. As a team, they love each other and they are sisters. The Cardinals are unique because they do facials throughout the routine and they sing the songs in the routine.

The South Valley Grizzlies are also from California and they are competing today in the Pee Wee small level 1 division. They love the friendship and the dedication they have as a team. Their favorite part of their routine is their dance because they have a little part of each of them in it. It is their first time at Nationals. It is their third season for half of the team and the first for the other half because they were cheering for another organization.

Pop Warner Spirit Promotions Team - Wednesday, December 9
Coach Rosie Swaboda has been coaching with the Orangetown Patriots of the Eastern Region for years, watching her daughter grow up through the program. Although Rosie's daughter aged out last year, she volunteered to coach again as her niece is now in the program.

Rosie also has another daughter;  beautiful ten year old Dani, who is challenged with Rett Syndrome.  Rett syndrome is a rare genetic neurological and developmental disorder that affects the way the brain develops, causing a progressive inability to use muscles for eye and body movements and speech. It occurs almost exclusively in girls. 

Dani for years has attended almost every practice, game and NEVER has missed a competition.  While Dani has always been around the teams over the years, never have a group of girls responded to Dani the way this young Jr. Pee Wee team has.  They truly believe she is part of the team. 

The team includes Dani in everything! They value her input which comes in the form of smiles or lack there of on occasion when the girls are not at their best.  They include her in team photos, ask her to pretend she is a "judge", and at every competition Dani is asked to the the proud owner of the team Spirit Stick. 

These girls have shown that at even such a young age of eight or nine, they can be caring, compassionate and mature!  They prove every day, that while young, it is never too early in life to go out of your way to intentionally bring joy to others.

Pop Warner Spirit Promotions Team - Tuesday, December 8
For the Craft family, Pop Warner is a way of life. Jerry Craft has been involved with Pop Warner in the Southeast Region for 17 years, on the Naples Hurricanes board for 15, and Association President for ten years.

He now is an auxiliary board member for Peace River and serves as weight master. His wife, Heather, always by his side assisting, and all four children; Haley 21, Hannah 19, Jerry Jr 16 and Haven 13 have all participated in the program.

While all the children started at age five, Jerry’s older daughters are especially involved.  Both Hannah and Haley were part of the first Naples Hurricane team to qualify for a National event.  Since that time, the Hurricanes have sent many teams to the national event, always placing in the top five. 

In February of this year, the Craft family received devastating news, Jerry was diagnosed with Lymphoma.  Throughout treatment, Jerry continued to assist on the Peace River board with weigh ins, book checks and certifications, etc.

The Peace River League has been incredibly supportive of Jerry, his family and the Naples Hurricanes Association. Lime green T-shirts were made and sold as a fundraiser with the sayings “NO ONE FIGHTS ALONE” and “CRAFT STRONG.”  

The t-shirts were sold to other Peace River teams and sold at the football jamboree hosted by the Naples Bears, a sister association who has been most supportive in helping the Naples Canes Association through this difficult time.  As well each year the Naples Hurricanes host a CANES vs CANCER game…This year it was dedicated to Jerry.  So far, Peace River has raised approximately $7000.00 towards Jerry’s fight.

It is in true Craft Strong fashion that this family is in attendance at the National Event.  Jerry is having daily treatments in Tampa and made the drive from Tampa to Orlando to watch his two oldest daughters coach the team that his youngest daughter is a member of Monday in the PW3 division.  The Junior Midget theme was WAR, in honor of Jerry’s fight.  They wear Lime green bows and bloomers to show their support. 

Jerry will be admitted to the hospital December 15 and will remain in the hospital for a month while undergoing a stem cell and bone marrow transplant.

We are all supporting Jerry as NO ONE FIGHTS ALONE. This family is truly CRAFT STRONG.
"LIV"ing for the Future - And Remembering the Past

Pop Warner Spirit Promotions Team - Monday, December 7
Olivia Scott was a typical 4 year old.  She had a twin sister, a baby brother, and loved to do all the things four year old little girls do.  But in the summer of 2009, something changed.

Olivia’s parents noticed a lump on her neck, under the left ear.  The pediatrician placed Olivia on antibiotics and every assumed that would be the end of it.  But it wasn’t.  Not only did the lump not go away, but it continued to get larger. 

By the fall of 2009, the lump was the size of a golf ball.  At that point the pediatrician scheduled testing and an appointment at the SUNY Upstate Medical Hospital in Syracuse, NY.  They met with the pediatric surgeon and expressed concern about the size and location of the lump, and the fact that now there were multiple lumps in her neck. 

The very next morning a biopsy was performed, and the surgeon thought it was one of two things; a viral infection or beginning stages of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.  As any parent can imagine, the following week awaiting the results were torturous filled with much anxiety and tears.

When the results of the biopsy came back the following week, it was neither of the two diagnosis originally thought, but in fact a very rare disease called Rosai-Dorphman Disease.  As anyone would, mom, Laura and dad, Scott started researching everything they possibly could. 

They found a website that provided them with some answers as well as a contact list of some individuals to talk to.  Even the oncologist at the hospital that Olivia had an appointment with had never heard of the disease.

In December 2009, their wishes were answered, and the met with Dr. Robert  Arceci and Dr. Calvin Lee at John Hopkins “two of the best doctors you’ll ever talk to” says Laura.  Together, both doctors  devised a plan of attack. 

An MRI was performed as a baseline and come Spring of 2010, if this isn’t resolved, then treatment would begin.  It was difficult for the physicians since Olivia did not show many of the symptoms of the disease such as fever, rash, and weight loss.

The following year was a difficult one for Olivia.  The lumps would grow and the doctors would give her steroids to shrink.  There were many visits to the doctors for follow up and blood work.  In March of 2011, Olivia was to undergo placement of ear tubes due to multiple ear infections.  The doctors figured since Olivia would be under anesthesia, they will place a port in her chest and start chemo treatments.

For the next few months Olivia had chemo infusions every three weeks.  This continued until April 2012.  In August of 2012, the lumps had returned.  It was devastating to realize the chemo had not worked.  At that time a stronger chemo was started and continued until June 2013.


Her port has been removed and is sitting in a container sitting on her dresser as a constant reminder of the prior five years.  Olivia now a happy and healthy 5th grader, attending Camden Middle School and cheering for the Camden JPW cheer team.  Her disease is nowhere to be found! 

Olivia’s nickname became “LIV” so you can imagine the impact that nickname now has for this young fighter and her family.
Jr. Reporter: Renn Arvanitis

Pop Warner Spirit Promotions Team - Monday, December 7
I enjoyed working with Renn today doing interviews. She has been to Nationals 8 times and won 1st Place 3 times. She is a student demo for the Tri Town Raiderettes. She has been with Pop Warner for 12 years and she loves it.

South Coast Tritons

The Tritons are traveling down to nationals for the first time. Their head coach is Jene Rector and they are a team of 17 girls. The Tritons are Pee Wee’s and they perform Tuesday December 8th. The girl’s favorite part about cheerleading is cheering on the boys at their football games. These girls are staying at the All Star Music and they are having the time of their lives. The girls plan to go to Epcot to celebrate after competition tomorrow in the hopes of being National Champions!

Fair Park Cardinals

The Fair Park Cardinals are from Dallas Texas. The team is coached by coach Tavia and there are 11 girls on the squad. The team is a PeeWee team and they perform December 8th. The girls rock the colors of blue and green and they are hoping to win the National title. The team plans to go to the beach today and go to Magic Kingdom tomorrow after a potential win.

Amity Spartans

The Amity Spartans are back and ready to win!  Last time they were here they received 3rd Place and this time they are hoping for first. This fierce team from Connecticut is going to take on 9 teams tomorrow in the hopes of bringing home the gold. This Jr. Midget team competes tomorrow and they have faith their stunts are going to have the judges wanting more. Thanks to their head coach Alicia they are ready to take the floor.

Wolcott Eagles

The Wolcott Eagles are ready for a win. Two years ago they won it all. They were the national champions. They hope to be able to achieve this title again. They have 7 teams to compete against and they have their cheer bows ready with curls and all. These girls have been working hard and they are ready to win. They find out today if they have what it takes.
Region Spotlight: Valrico Rams

Pop Warner Spirit Promotions Team - Monday, December 7
Valrico Rams from the Greater FYD league is the Southeast Region Spotlight team of the day.

The team is coached by Nikki Hand who has been coaching for nine years. "This is a very special team. I have coached many of these girls since 2010. Six of the girls age out this year." Coach Nikki says her pyramid is what separates her from the rest of the competitors.

"We were awarded high pyramid score at our local event. It is very unique". This is the third year this team has attended the National Event. They placed third last year.

When asked what she'd most like to say to her team...simply "I am extremely proud of this team."

Region Spotlight: Rotterdam Rams

Pop Warner Spirit Promotions Team - Monday, December 7
Coach Erica and Coach Jessica have been coaching together for 3 years. Coach Jessica, on the other hand, has been coaching for 9 years. This year is her last.

Her last with this team.  As the tears were flowing during team check in, Coach Jessica was still smiling because she knows that the bond they have created will never fade. Some of these girls have been cheering together for a long time. “The entire team has a wonderful relationship” says Coach Erica.  They may not have a lucky tissue this year, but after two other times advancing to Nationals, the luggage tags they made for the girls will be lucky enough.

The Rotterdam Raiders are “trend setters” according to Coach Jessica.  They were the first team in their area to push the envelope and go to another level.  Not level 1 or 3 but level 3.  The girls picked their own bows and the tiffany blue color they picked makes them stand out on the mats.  They were also the first team in the area to have shorts instead of shirts for uniforms.  If you ask the girls about Coach Jessica, they all say that people think she’s one of the cheerleaders.  “She’s so short” according to the team. 

As this was Coach Jessica’s last day of coaching and the girls’ last performance togehter, the girls’ philosophy and chant was “Performance of a lifetime”.  They have been tweeting and hash-tagging that all season.  Coach Erica says “the girls just want to give Jessica her performance of a lifetime”.  And that they did, their smiles were electric and their tumbling high when they hit the mats.  

Great job Rotterdam Raiders – they made the Eastern Region proud today.
Region Spotlight: Four Points Vipers

Pop Warner Spirit Promotions Team - Monday, December 7
Your Monday PW3 Southwest Region Spotlight Team of the Day is the Four Points Vipers from Austin Texas.

This years Jr Pee Wee team is actually 3 combined squads from the previous season. Taking it up a notch, this is their first year competing in the PW3 division.

Head Coach Dionne Schaffner said her favorite part the routine is after all the technical elements are finished and the girls can just relax and DANCE!  She tells her girls “Believe in yourself, don’t set limits – YOU CAN do this”; and they did! 

Making their 4th appearance at the National Championship, Four Points wowed the crowd with their awesome routine.
Region Spotlight: New Milford Bulls

Pop Warner Spirit Promotions Team - Monday, December 7
Your Monday New England Region Spotlight Team is the New Milford Bulls from Northern Connecticut Pop Warner.

This Midget team consists of 12 hard-working girls and a group of dedicated coaches. They have been together since they were Tiny Mites and it shows in their comradery. With this being their last year in Pop Warner they have spent the day reflecting on the “one last time.” They have become a true family over the last eight years and are excited to end their season at the National event.

This year marks the fourth year in a row the Bulls have attended the National event. Being their last season together they have strived all year to earn the chance to compete at Nationals and bring home the final win! Learning from their previous experiences at Nationals they have never taken anything for granted, and are humbled at the chance to prove themselves once again.

After many years together long lists of traditions and superstitions have formed. Traditions include hard-work, good sportsmanship, and a sense of sisterhood. Using only the white CD case for their routine music and not washing their winning uniforms all season, they have arrived at this final moment. With their “one last time” upon them they are filled with pride.

Look like a beauty! Fight like a Bull! Way to go New Milford Bulls!
Region Spotlight: Coronado Islanders

Pop Warner Spirit Promotions Team - Monday, December 7
Day 2 Wescon’s Spotlight Team of the Day are the CORONADO ISLANDERS who are a Jr. Midget PW3 Large team. Head coach Tandee Scott has been with them for four years and has followed them since stepping up to fill the role at the Jr. Pee Wee level. They are a team of 25 where 19 are returning cheerleaders. All except for one were able to make this journey to Orlando.

Tandee’s favorite part of their routine was the opening sequence where they perform 5 baskets in to arabesques to a full down.  This is their first appearance at the National Championships and the most memorable part of this experience for the participants was the vibe and energy of the venue and they loved the choreography of their routine.

The basic fundamentals were an important part of preparation.  She found that as the girls are older they were eager to advance their skills but she felt they needed to continue to reinforce the basics in order to progress. 

Utilizing the Pop Warner/YCADA resources through the coaches training programs aided her immensely throughout the season to prepare her squad for this magical moment!  Coaching through the Pop Warner program has given her the opportunity to be a part of a special group of girls’ lives that she wouldn’t otherwise have had and feels they have become her extended family.
Did You Know? A Little Pop Warner Cheer & Dance History Lesson...

Pop Warner Spirit Promotions Team - Sunday, December 6
Did you know...the first National Cheer Championship was in 1988?

But, did you know that cheerleading was adopted by Pop Warner in the 70's? That's right. For many years Pop Warner cheerleaders were only sideline Cheerleaders. Leading the crowd - supporting the football players - sometimes so much emphasis is placed on competing now, that it is easy to loose sight of where it all began.

Pop Warner is trying to bring back the basics, to the root of where it all began. Making game day fun for the cheerleaders, a weekly event to look forward to, not a requirement to compete.

A team here at the National Event did just that.  They are not here to compete, but to support their football team. The Palm Bay Rocket Midget cheerleaders from Florida were at the football fields bright and early to support their football players and get the fans fired up. Head coach Jen Raiman has been with Pop Warner for thirteen years and four with this particular team.  

"As a football mom of four boys, I feel it is important for the girls to know the game of football. They need to know what cheer to call and when."

The girls enjoy game day. Enjoy supporting their team.  Coach Jen attributes the girls love of game day in large part to the relationship that the cheerleaders have with the football players. "The football coaches asked us to be here."

The association hosted a red carpet event where both teams got all decked out in their nicest dress and allowed the kids to get to know each other.  Getting to know the players makes supporting them more meaningful.

"Earlier this year one of the football players broke his leg during a game. The girls all saw it. They heard the bone break. They took it hard. Took a while for some of them to get over it" says Jen. 

Coach Jen blends her competition cheer with her halftime cheer. This way they are always practicing both.  This year seven of her sixteen girls will age out. Many are moving on to High School cheer, one of Pop Warners prepare the participants for the next level.

Madelyn Huff is a 14 year old Palm Bay Rocket that will move on to high school cheer next year. "Pop Warner has taught me leadership skills and has helped me learn to work as a team" say Madelyn. "My favorite part of game day....Is doing push ups for touchdowns." Awesome job Palm Bay Rockets!!!  Way to support your team!
Region Spotlight Team: Tritown Raiderettes

Pop Warner Spirit Promotions Team - Saturday, December 5

Our Mid America spotlight team is the Tritown Raiderettes! 

They have had a wonderful season. They had an exciting first day at the parks then rested for competition day.

After their awesome performance they will be swimming tonight then dinner.  They are so excited and can’t wait for next year as they will all be together as a Jr Pee Wee squad.

Region Spotlight Team: Bedford Jr. Bulldogs

Pop Warner Spirit Promotions Team - Saturday, December 5
Your Saturday New England Region Spotlight Team is the Bedford Jr. Bulldogs from New Hampshire Pop Warner.

This is the first Mitey-Mite team to attend the National Event from this Association. After their performance, the girls proclaimed “My favorite part has been everything!”

Everyone is excited and ready to come back next year! Great job Jr. Bulldogs!

Region Spotlight Team: La Costa Canyon Mavericks

Pop Warner Spirit Promotions Team - Saturday, December 5

Here we go! Our spotlight shines on the La Costa Canyon Mavericks Mitey Mite Team from Palomar Conference in the Wescon Region. 

Head Coach Kristen Gaspar has been coaching the girls since they were Tiny Mites and this is their first trip to Disneyworld. 

Their highlight and most memorable moment was seeing the performance floor prior to stepping on it today and most importantly, bonding as a team.

Now off to the parks they go!  Good Job Mavericks!

Region Spotlight Team: Garden City Falcons

Pop Warner Spirit Promotions Team - Saturday, December 5
Your Saturday Southeast Region Spotlight Team is the Garden City Falcons from East Georgia Pop Warner. 

Not only is this the first time for this Association to have a team represented at the National Event, But the first ever team from East Georgia. 

Both coaches agree “It’s been the experience of a lifetime!”

Way to Go Falcons!!

Good Morning Cheer and Dance Fans!

Pop Warner Spirit Promotions Team - Saturday, December 5
Welcome to the 2015 National Cheer and Dance Championships.  We are once again coming to you from the HP Fieldhouse at ESPN’s Wide World of Sports.  Check in daily for updates of the day’s events, heartwarming human interest stories from across the country and blogs from our junior reporter’s perspective.

New this year is our REGION SPOTLIGHT TEAM OF THE DAY!  The Media representative from each region will follow a team from check-in thru performance, and give you a behind the scenes view into what it’s like from the participant’s perspective.

Your Promotions Team is hard at work to ensure that every moment of the experience here at the National Championships is high energy and fun filled. From interviews in the stands with coaches, parents and participants to DJ interactive dancing and games on the main floor, no one will leave without many memories of this magical event.

Today kicks off with our future competitors…The Tiny-Mite and Mighty-Mites.   43 Very special Exhibition performances from the youngest of our cheerleaders and dancers.  After they sparkle and shine on the performance floor, each team attends the special after Party where there is lots of food, music and maybe even a special visit from some of Disney’s finest!

Monday begins competitive performances, starting the competition off with our PW3 teams.  Once again, Thursday evening, the PW4 teams will take the mat under the lights and camera of ESPN.

If you are at the event, post your pics with the hashtag #popwarnercheeranddance, and Vault Media will do a special montage of photos from throughout the day. Will your selfie make the montage??

Don’t forget to check back often!
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